Baljekar Seminars

Introductory Seminar on Day Trading ‘NIFTY’

  • What information is necessary to make money in the stock market ……?
  • This is a question all market participants try to answer daily.
  • This looks easy but it is not.
  • MARKET’ is an entity by itself it is the sum total of all the emotions of all the participants at any given moment and represents the prevailing emotional state at that time.
  • There are 2 emotions that drive all markets – ‘GREED’ & ‘FEAR’ . These represent the mass psychology of all participants at any given moment . Greed drives markets ‘UP’ Fear drives markets ‘Down’.
  • If we can correctly analyze which is the prevailing emotion it helps to trade/ invest accordingly.
  • The information is the following:
    • When to Enter the market (level to buy / sell).
    • When to Exit ie. Reverse the Position.
    • What Stop Loss to keep – this should be such that when it gets triggered the market shall not then reverse again in the earlier trend.
  • If these three questions can be answered then one can hope to profit from trading markets.
  • The Seminar on Day Trading Nifty will address these questions and teach a unique method of Day Trading ‘ NIFTY’ to profit from the market consistently.
  • ‘BALJEKAR SYSTEM’ is the only system on Day Trading exclusively for the Indian Market and dedicated to a single instrument the NIFTY.
  • All available Literature on day trading is applicable to foreign markets , they are not useful to trade in Indian markets.
  • Available literature is by foreign Authors only , this is first system developed by an Indian for Traders in India.
  • This is only one of its kind in the world.
  • To use this system you need not have extensive in depth knowledge of Technical Analysis but that knowledge will help.
  • To use this system and trade you need to invest between 15,000/- to 25,000/- initially as this mainly uses Options.
  • Usually if all rules are meticulously followed then you should recover cost of the seminar in 4 - 6 weeks of trading.


  • This method of Short and Intra-Day trading the NIFTY has been devised by me after Extensive Research and Statistical study of the Price Action in the NIFTY over a four year period from 2008 to 2011 on the Weekly , Daily & Intraday Charts.
  • I have then used this system in actual trades from 2012 - 2014 , wherein I was able to refine it and make it even more accurate before I decided to share this with all.
  • This system I devised as I wanted a method to trade the NIFTY with simple straight forward rules which any trader could follow very easily.

Unique Features of this Trading System

  • This does not need any Computer, Computer Software or Charts or Indicators.
  • All you need is the Daily levels of the High (H), Low (L) and Close (C). on the NIFTY and the Weekly H, L & C which is available in any financial news paper or NSE website.
  • A regular Calculator.
  • This has very simple and easy to follow rules for Entry, Stop Loss level and Exit.

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