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S R Ramesh (Bangalore)  May 29, 2017
Fabulous reading of the situation Dr Baljekar. You are the unchallenged master.

Kalpesh (Bangalore)  May 29, 2017
Hello sir, how you able to predict this. Like wise it was the exact high at the end of day. Thanks.

Suraj Pradhan  May 29, 2017
Today nifty hit 9610 spot then selling started. Nice prediction Sir

Anand Shendge (Chief Derivatives Analyst Phillips Capital)  May 29, 2017
Sir,Your target achieved in NIFTY today

Bishnu   February 15, 2016
Sir when are u going to start daily paid reporting?

vivek h. 23-5-15  May 31, 2015
thanks for nice outlook. would like to know more please let me know next seminar.

d.h.shah may 31 2015  May 31, 2015
dear dr. baljekar, your outlook has helped me to avoid huge loss on the day nifty crashed, thanks. i would like to know more about this system.

vibha n.  May 31, 2015
dear dr.baljekar, i have been following your levels on the website i have made 23000 in the last 6 weeks trading nifty. thank you. i will certainly want to attend your seminar to learn more in detail.

Hashim   March 11, 2015
Trading for me was a nightmare but your system has helped me a lot. Recently i have made profit of 15 lac. Thank you very much sir

kisan  January 16, 2015
sir thanks for this system. first system which gave me vary good sum.

Sandeep Patil  January 15, 2015
Thank you Dr.Nikhil. I made a huge sum yesterday, thanks to your advice. I am astonished by teh fact that you can read and predict the market movemnts so accurately. At this rate of accurate calls, I rthink I am on teh way of becoming a multimillionaire in one year itself. Thank you again. Oh ! I am so glad that I met you and am following your trading system. I have only made net losses all these years paying for professional calls. In gratitude, May God bless you.

Shrikant Gunari  January 14, 2015
Very nice nd disciplaned way to trade..Thanks Dr.Nikhil

Arun  December 26, 2014
Baljekar Ji, I am trading in market for the last 12 years and have suffered losses in the past due to my poor understanding of the market and following tips offered to me by so called industry insiders. But, I am glad to say not anymore. Ever since I have started following your system, I have been making consistent profits based on the calculations as described in your system. Your call for Thursday was spot on. Thank you.

Amber Jayna  December 26, 2014
Dr. Baljekar, I have been following your system for quite sometime now and find it to be not only accurate but also very dependable. It is very easy to understand as I am a novice in trading. I have started trading as per your system and have made good profits. Thank You:-). The best part about your system is not only the ease and accuracy but also the scientific reasoning you have put forward keeping market structuring as the basis of your system. By following this system one can virtually eliminate the background noise emanating from various tv channels, newspapers and other media and make our own decisive reasoned and scientific judgement about the market movement. In short we can be our own leader instead of being a following sheep. I would like to once again extend my heartiest congratulations and thank you for this wonderful system for novices like us. God Bless

Manish Sharma  December 23, 2014
Thank you..really a good system

Sayyed   December 23, 2014
I am following your system since 2 months and it has helped me a lot. Please also tell me when is the next seminar.

Dr Hari Lulla  December 22, 2014
Great idea of watching close on friday to predict next week trend

Nayak  December 22, 2014
Great System! You were the only one predicting that Nifty would reverse from its low a few days ago when the remaining so called country's best analysts were predicting Doomsday. Thank you ! Made a lot of money due to this contrarian but accurate and highly successful prediction. Seriously, I have been following your Baljekar system for some time now and it is very dependable and increases one's chances of successful trades with a low risk to reward ratio. Kudos. Keep it up !

Ravi Shankar   December 22, 2014
Sir I have attended your seminar. The calculation what your system shows has a good effect and it has helped me in trading. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and guiding us

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